Friday, June 27, 2008

Life from the Dead - Spurgeon

A Sermon(No. 2267)Intended for Reading on Lord's-day, July 31st, 1892,Delivered byC. H. SPURGEON,At the Metropolitan Tabernacle, NewingtonOn Thursday Evening, March 13th, 1890.

The following is an excerpt from the above sermon. Sermon number (No. 2267)

Well, dear friends, if we have been quickened, we have been quickened from above. "You hath HE quickened." God himself has had dealings with us. He has raised us from the dead. He made us at the first; he has new-made us. He gave us life when we were born; but he has given us now a higher life, which could not be found anywhere else. He must always give it. No man ever made himself to live. No preacher, however earnest, can make one hearer to live. No parent, however prayerful, no teacher, however tearful, can make a child live unto God. "You hath HE quickened," is true of all who are quickened. It is a divine spark, a light from the great central Sun of light, the great Father of Lights. Is it so with us? Have we had a divine touch, a superhuman energy, a something which all the learning and all the wisdom and all the godliness of man could never work in us? Have we been quickened from above? If so, I daresay that we remember something of it. We cannot describe it; no man can describe his first birth; it remains a mystery. Neither can he describe his new birth; that is still a greater mystery, for it is a secret inward work of the Holy Ghost, of which we feel the effect, but we cannot tell how it is wrought.


jazzycat said...

Great description of regeneration. Once Ariminian/non-Calvinists understands this, they can then understand the message of Jesus in Mark 8. God's POWER intervenes and changes hearts in regeneration. To assert that a sinner believes without God's POWER and causes God to quicken him so that he can possibly remain carnal is beyond me. This is a powerless regeneration wrought by human decision. It is unbiblical and very illogical!

donsands said...

Good words from the prince of preachers.

I was once blind, but now I see. If we were to take a book to a blind man and ask him to read to us, it would be foolish, and impossible.
It's the same with a blind heart which needs it's eyes opened, and this can only happen through the Holy Spirit's grace and power.
Keep on declaring the truth Wayne, it encourages and edifies.