Thursday, July 17, 2008

Arminians, what do you think?

A blogger at a non-Calvinist Blog made the following statement that I would like to pose as a question to Arminian and non-Calvinists:

He said……. "I cannot tell you specifically why one individual believes in Him and one does not."

Can anyone answer why some believe and others don’t? Certainly Calvinists have an answer, but can anyone who is not a Calvinist give us an answer? Is it intelligence, goodness, common sense, spiritual discernment or something else?


jazzycat said...

Obviously there is an attribute that makes the difference! Surely some one can help us with the answer.

donsands said...

My question is: "Why would anyone not trust Christ, and receive His gift of eternal life?"

Scribe said...

The Holy Spirit creates the "great divide"

Ferris E. Plankeye said...

The Arminian crickets deafen with their chirping, as the answers come flooding in, I see.

I rejoice at having stumbled across your blog.

jazzycat said...

Thanks for the visit. Yes, they were a bit silent on this one!