Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why I Would Not Recommend Lou Martuneac's Books


jazzycat said...

I am amazed at some of the comments on that thread. For example, Lou links to an article denying regeneration before faith and the article affirms what it is denying about three sentences in when it says.......

....though we certainly recognize that apart from God’s mercy and gracious enabling and enlightenment, saving faith could not be exercised (John 6:44,65; Matt. 11:27; 16:16–17; Acts 16:14; etc.).

UNBELIEVABLE! I would love for them to come over here and answer the question I ask here in the June 22 post. TRUE FREE GRACE IS TOTALLY FROM GOD.

jazzycat said...

Without God, faith could not occur and oh by the way faith is not a gift from God!


jazzycat said...

Mark and everyone,
Lou has broken fellowship with me by refusing to allow the following comment to be posted at his blog because it might lead some of his readers astray. This really reveals a lot about Lou's basic nature in my opinion:

Lou and others,
Please note that I have started a series on regeneration at TRUE FREE GRACE This series should answer a lot of the questions that have been posed here. Justification by faith alone by a faith that is POWERFUL because it comes from a regenerated heart. This is easily provable as this series will show.

The questions and false characterizations of Calvinism are flying fast and furious here, but if anyone wants to interact on the subject of regeneration, which is required to be saved, then I will be happy to see you there!